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Make your degree. Change it when you need to. Own your future.

Prepare for the challenges of the future

With one of the broadest offerings of online education for post-graduate business courses, you can confidently delve into any of our specialisations and optimise your business skill-set to any field of work.

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Monash ranked in the top 50 universities globally

Monash is a leader in groundbreaking research and teaching excellence and has consistently achieved an enviable reputation across the world.

# 2
THE World University Rankings by Subject
# 44
THE World University Rankings by Subject
# 57
(QS World Universities Rankings by Subject 2023)

Learn about the Master of Enterprise

The Master of Enterprise is changing the rules.

Advance your career to new heights and learn to work in transdisciplinary ways, build your knowledge, create consensus, and make sense of the complexity of contemporary issues.

You can register your interest today, or apply now ahead of the Master of Enterprise’s launch in March, 2023.


Your future with an Enterprise degree

We’re focused on building a different future through our present, and empowering you to thrive, meet future demands changing disciplinary, professional, economic and social circumstances.

Through your enterprise degree and with your drive for change, you’ll be able to advance your career into positions where you make the difference.

You’ll be able to: 

  • Become a leader in your organisation and create long-lasting change at the forefront of industry. 
  • Own your entrepreneurial instinct and deliver sustainable options for individuals and business. 
  • Assess the perception of value and change industry perspectives. 
  • Implement and challenge new thoughtful models of prosperous growth.
  • Rise as a manager that leads and inspires their workforce to challenge the greatest heights. 
  • Engage in activism at an executive level and inspire companies to take action. 
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The Master of Enterprise is a broad, future-focused degree that aims to expand students’ knowledge outside their current discipline.
Alternatively, the Master of Business Management is for students who are currently working within a specific discipline or department and wish to take on a leadership role within that same area.
In comparison, the MBA (Digital) is for students who have previous managerial experience but are looking to progress into a higher role.
Enterprise is a broad, future-focused discipline that aims to expand your knowledge outside your current discipline. It has been created in response to current changing professional, digital, economic, environmental, and social circumstances we are facing now and in the future.
The Master of Enterprise is best suited for existing leaders in their industry and those who want to upskill and/or broaden their existing skills in sustainability, ethics and digital forefront. This course is especially useful for leaders looking to future proof their skills.

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