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How to stand out in the ‘Age of business as unusual’

Business has become anything but usual, from climate change to technological disruption to demographic shifts. And our future leaders need to have a diverse set of skills to take on these challenges head-on.

Studying for a Graduate Certificate of Business Administration (Digital) can help you become the exact type of leader our world needs.

Not just backed by the industry but shaped by it

One of the challenges the private sector faces is a mismatch between the skills that are taught and the skills it needs . It’s why Monash’s online Graduate Certificate of Business Administration (Digital) has been shaped by industry experts.

Mona Swarup, Online Unit Coordinator (OUC) and Online Learning Advisor (OLA), explains, “Monash steps beyond academic theory to provide practical, industry-aligned education, developed in collaboration with leading industry partners.” So, when you study this course, you know that you’re set up for success – no matter what industry you’re in.

A digital degree for a digital future

Massive advances in technology especially in the realm of AI, have fundamentally changed the business landscape. Thankfully, the Graduate Certificate of Business Administration (Digital) covers that exact terrain.

The course covers innovation and change for digital transformation along with leadership for sustainable development. Giving you the tools you need to be a good leader now and into the future.
“Students who complete this program gain a set of skills and knowledge that positions them exceptionally well for the modern workforce, such as digital literacy,” Swarup explains.

A holistic take on leadership

An organisation is home to a diverse range of people. Even if we look at generations alone, we’ve got five of them working in the workforce – from the Silent Generation to Gen Z . Such diversity means that leaders need to understand how people work, and how to bring them together.

It’s a perspective shift that Christine Bilsland, OUC and OLA, has embraced. “Many students want to become leaders to develop and support their team members not just their careers. They want to improve the lives of others in meaningful ways.”

The units covered in the Graduate Certificate of Business Administration (Digital) not only reflect this change but the way they’re taught embodies it. Swarup explains that the course “supports a community-centric learning environment where students can easily connect with peers and instructors, share insights, and engage in meaningful discussions.” So, students become leaders who contribute meaningfully to the broader business community.

A course for an ever-changing world

When you graduate from the Graduate Certificate of Business Administration (Digital) as a Monash student, you’ll emerge as a forward-thinking leader. One who’s prepared to not just meet the demands of an ever-disrupted world but to change it – for the better.

So, if you want to stand out from the crowd then the Graduate Certificate of Business Administration (Digital) could be right for you.